Customised Training Courses

Do you need a customised performance management, strategy or balanced scorecard training course for your organisation? Then you've come to the right place.

Customised Training Courses

Course Description

Customised Performance Management training courses can be delivered ‘in-house’ or in partnership with event and conference management organisations.

Performance Management courses designed to suit your particular needs

Custom designed courses can be given on a wide range of performance management and Balanced Scorecard topics. Usually these are offered as ’in-house’ programmes, but we have also developed custom training events in partnership with event management companies to deliver as part of conferences or other large events. Customisation takes two forms:

  • Using more specific Case Study material. For example, we have in the past set our case material and exercises in the areas of healthcare, magazine publishing and defence contexts as opposed to the case study used in our public course;
  • In the specific tools and techniques covered in the course. For example, we can go into more detail on a specific aspect of the Balanced Scorecard design process. The most recent of these was in metric and KPI development. Our standard public training course includes approximately half a day on the theory and practical aspects of metric/KPI development. However, some clients are training teams which will be doing a great deal of in depth and detailed Key Performance Indicator (KPI) work, and they want the benefits of our practical experience in KPIs, measures and targets. Accordingly we have created half-day and one-day add-on modules for our standard course. In these extra sessions delegates look at more advanced theory behind metric/KPI development, and also explore real-life case examples of useful and less-useful metrics/KPIs. Another type of customisation used in recent years is an add-on to our training that deals with the specifics of application in particular functions such as HR or IT.
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