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Context - A Key Success Factor for Strategy Execution

For a strategy to be effective it needs to be implemented. It may sound like a statement of the obvious, yet today, 30 years after it was first flagged as an issue, successful strategy implementation eludes most organisations. In this feature we look at what the causes might be and note that working out the…


Strategy Execution - Help or Hype?

For the last couple of years it seems like ‘Strategy Execution’ has become a more commonly used term within the broad field of strategic management. But what is Strategy Execution? Is our greater familiarity with the term because of hype, or a reflection of the popularity of a new management method? We at 2GC have been…


A Key to Effective Strategy Implementation

It is known that most strategic plans fail to deliver. Some of the time it is because the strategy itself is not a good one, but more often than not the reason is a bit more banal - most of the time it appears that strategic plans are simply not implemented.In this feature we…


Five Steps to Achieve Strategic Success

A set of simple, practical steps that you can take to improve your strategy implementation. In March 2015 the Harvard Business Review reflects upon a weakness that runs to the heart of modern management methods - while organisations are great at coming up with strategies, they are not good at implementing them. 2GC is expert…


Three Balanced Scorecard Usage Insights

2GC has been running its annual Balanced Scorecard Usage survey every year since 2009. It remains the only one of its kind and so also remains a unique source of insight into how Balanced Scorecard is used in the modern organisation.