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Three Balanced Scorecard Usage Insights

2GC has been running its annual Balanced Scorecard Usage survey every year since 2009. It remains the only one of its kind and so also remains a unique source of insight into how Balanced Scorecard is used in the modern organisation.


What is Agile Performance Management?

The last few years have seen an explosion of interest in management circles for the use of word constructs that include ‘agile’. Recently the phrase ‘Agile Performance Management’ has begun to appear around the web. Is ‘Agile Performance Management’ just a buzzword phrase, or is it something more?


Don't just tell me what, tell me why!

Employees who clearly understand how they contribute to the achievement of a strategy are more productive: simply ensuring that they have goals that are aligned with the strategy is not enough. These are the surprising findings of a recently published research paper - ones that highlight the value of the ACME four-step strategy implementation framework


Looking Forward - To Renew or To Reinvent

‚ÄčAlthough it is easy to focus on the “what” - what things look like and what they do, to understand change we also need to focus on the “why” - why things look like and do what they do. When you get the hang of it, you find this model is usefully applicable in all sorts of…


The Management Tool that Could - The Balanced Scorecard at 25

It is 25 years since the article “The Balanced Scorecard - Measures that Drive Performance” first appeared in the pages of the Harvard Business Review. Few would have imagined that it would have had quite the transformative impact on management methods and culture that it did.