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All about our annual survey

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The 2020/21 Balanced Scorecard Usage Survey

The 2020/21 survey is now closed to new responses. We are busy tallying and analysing and the results will be released very soon. 

The prize draw will be completed this week and the winners will be notified shortly afterwards. 

Thank you for your participation!

What did we learn from the 2019 Survey?

The Balanced Scorecard is one of the world’s top-ten management frameworks and has been the number one framework for Performance Management since its introduction in the early 1990s. But despite this popularity, little is known about which organisations use Balanced Scorecard, what they use it for and how useful it is in practice.  In 2008 2GC began a multi-year research project to find some answers to these questions.

The key messages from 2019:

  • An increasing share of Balanced Scorecards are Third Generation designs,
  • The dominant role for Balanced Scorecard is to support strategy execution,
  • Most Balanced Scorecards are reviewed at least quarterly. 

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