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2GC are strategy and performance management experts

We help organisations of all types and sizes improve their use of data to support management decisions.  Our specialisms are strategic planning and strategic performance management - the use of performance data to improve strategy implementation. 

We give organisations the tools to answer their strategy questions, for example:

  • Am I measuring the right data/have the correct KPIs?

  • How do I get my organisation to achieve the medium/long term strategy goals?

  • Are there areas of the organisation that are under/over performing?

  • How will I know if my organisation is achieving its goals?

We are flexible and cost effective

We realise that every organisation is different and that you may have further questions: if so let us know - call us or use the contact 2GC page.

We improve strategy implementation in two ways:

  • improving strategy execution (the management of key tasks) and
  • by improving strategic alignment (getting all the units in a organisation to contribute effectively to the implementation of a strategy).

Our work is usually executed through defined projects: we work with our clients to design a programme that will generate the outcomes they seek, agree a fixed price and a schedule for the programme and then deliver the work required.

2GC has been working with clients to improve strategy implementation for over 20 years - we have worked across all major sectors and industries for clients in over 50 countries.

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