Certified Practitioner Course

Looking to become a fully certified Balanced Scorecard professional? We have the training course for that.

Certified Practitioner Course

Course Description

The 2GC Balanced Scorecard Certified Practitioner training course gives attendees conceptual depth and significant practice in the design techniques and tools required to be a successful practitioner.

A five day course leading to Certification

As a specialist performance management expert we have regularly been asked to provide a qualification in Balanced Scorecard - this course is our response to this and was launched in 2011 with a corporate client. It covers the content of the two day strategy implementation course but adds much greater conceptual depth and also significant practice of both design techniques and the tools to be a successful practitioner:

  • Interviewing;
  • Presentation; and
  • Facilitation.

The Certified Balanced Scorecard Training for Practitioners programme comprises two separate elements and a test.

  • Course A - A two-day session comprising class-room style tuition on core topic areas, with group activities relevant to these sessions;
  • On-line Test - this is designed to test trainees’ understanding and grasp of the Course A content;
  • Course B - A three-day session focused on the teaching the practical methods and skills needed to deploy the Course A content within an organisation. Course B comprises primarily practical group exercises, interspersed with tuition on specific practical skills.

Participation in both sessions will be necessary to achieve certification. For more details about this course including pricing, volume rate discounts, reservation information and logistical matters please contact the Training team.

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