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2GC Founder and Managing Director Gavin Lawrie, recently presented two papers at the Performance Measurement and Management Control conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Over 250 academics from globally reputed institutions attended this year’s conference organised by the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), including invited speakers Professors Marc Epstein of Rice University, USA and Jean-François Manzoni of INSEAD, Singapore.

The 2GC papers both focused on recent projects in the Middle East and were co-presented with Dr. Moshobab Alkhatani, Director General, Performance Measurement Center of Government Agencies (PMCGA), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

'Measuring the Effectiveness and Productivity of Government Agencies'

The 2 year old PMCGA has a specific mandate to report on the performance of KSA public sector organisations and, where possible, to advise them on performance improvement. However, precise definitions of the effectiveness and productivity to be monitored were required. 2GC developed the practical definitions for the Agencies monitored by PMCGA and applied its methodology within a pilot Agency. Please contact us to find out more about our work to develop practical measures and precise KPIs for organisational effectiveness and productivity.

'Performance Management Practices in the Saudi Arabian Public Sector'

No fewer than 175 Saudi Arabian Government Agencies were invited to participate in a 2GC survey of the use of performance data to support the implementation of strategic plans. Following this extensive survey of current practices, 2GC’s follow-up work with seven selected Agencies examined their practices and activities in detail, and led to working with their leadership groups to improve performance management and monitoring. 2GC’s paper draws strong conclusions about how indicative survey responses were of Agency preparedness to implement the proposed standardised approach, the maturity of performance management within the organisation, and the success of the interventions made. Please contact us for more detailed discussions of the benefits of strategic performance management reviews and audits.