Why choose 2GC?

2GC clients choose us for our consultancy expertise, adaptability and our friendly, professional approach.

Since we began in 1999, 2GC has worked with a very broad range of clients.

Our breadth of experience is your ally - we can bring a depth and maturity to our work with you that few can match. We also welcome a challenge - our track record demonstrates our ability to adapt and respond to support the needs of new clients in new sectors. We are also well connected - our network of partners and associates makes it easy for us to bring in specific industry or sector expertise when we need to.


Gimmick and jargon-free, we found 2GCs approach was one of practical assistance, guidance and knowledge transfer.

Quality Manager

A & O Systems & Services, UK

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Our approach and methods work effectively across all industries - as our track record demonstrates.

Our clients have come from a broad range of industries - including Chemicals, Energy, FMCG, Finance, Industrial Manufacturing, Offshore Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, and Telecoms.

Your work lived up to our high expectations in terms of deliverables and process.

Director of Strategy

Zamil Air Conditioning

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We just finished two days of outstanding meetings - the board is now aligned at all levels.

Chief Executive

Arabtech Jardaneh, Jordan

2GC’s experience is a truly international one.

Since we began in 1999 we have worked for clients in over 50 countries spread across five continents.

To serve this breadth and volume of demand around the globe 2GC operates from two centres and draws upon an excellent network of Partners.

We have many language skills in-house, including French, Arabic, Malay and Chinese, and many more through our regional partners.

Our international reach and our language skills allow us to work alongside our clients’ own teams where ever they are, and have helped us to deliver several multi-national, multi-language projects.

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The 2GC facilitators were highly effective in managing and guiding discussions and interactions towards the intended outcomes.

Country Manager

Linksoft Systems, Kenya


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About half of 2GC’s work comes from clients in the commercial sector.

We recognise the challenges and goals of the commercial sector, and the importance of getting things right first time: your competitors won’t always give you a second chance!

We have worked with organisations of all sizes - from those with under 10 employees through to those with over 30,000 and up.

Our alignment tools are particularly relevant to commercial organisations with complex and structures. Our international abilities allow us to operate effectively with multi-national enterprises.

2GC can get you to a place where the key objectives the business has to achieve by the end of the strategy delivery window have been identified.

Performance Manager

BP Lubricants


Some of our most interesting projects have been for clients from the Public Sector.

We have worked with units of national and regional governments, and with national and trans-national agencies.

Our methods approaches have been proven to work well in the public sector, as has our capacity to work well and effectively for clients with complex stakeholder groups.

Our strong links with academic groups keep us at the fore-front of thinking about how performance management methods and concepts can be applied within the Public Sector.

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Helped Board and Implementation Team members have a better understanding of our business in the round.

Planning Director

Defence Agency, UK

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We are proud to have worked for a variety of not-for-profit organisations, including Charities, Membership Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations.

Where ever we work our aim remains the same, to apply the latest ideas in performance management and strategic alignment thinking to improve the effectiveness of our clients: a challenge just as applicable in the not-for-profit sector as any other, but with unique and particular challenges.

We selected 2GC above all for their experience in the field of results-based management and the Balanced Scorecard and the practical application of their considerable knowledge and expertise to international and not-for-profit organisations

Strategic Planning Specialist

United Nations Fund for Population Assistance, USA

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