Strategy Consultants

Specialist consultants in solutions for strategy implementation and performance management.

We provide a variety of services to clients with strategy implementation and performance management needs, everything from a full top-down strategy implementation across a large multi-department organisation to a single balanced scorecard for a small, non-profit.

We tailor all of our services to your culture and requirements and work with you to design a specific, costed programme that will generate the outcomes you seek. Projects usually comprise a mix of the services below and for each we will agree a fixed price and schedule before delivering the successful project.

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Sometimes you just need some advice:

  • What should I be measuring?
  • Is there a better way to align my organisation with my strategy?
  • Is my current Balanced Scorecard fit for purpose?

You need a concise, expert and trustworthy opinion - which is exactly what you get from 2GC’s highly trained and hugely experienced consulting team. You can also hire 2GC to carry out some specific services - and these are detailed further down this page.

2GC’s consulting team comprises some of the most experienced performance management consultants around. With advanced degrees from top Universities and colleges, our team understands the domain in a way that few can match. And with over 17 years track-record working with organisations large and small around the globe, across all sectors, the breadth of our view is immense.

To find out more about our team and its capabilities, just look around this site. We’ve included some useful links below or just get in touch with us - Contact Us.

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Before starting on a performance management project it makes sense to have a plan. Our programme design service provides these plans. 2GC is uniquely qualified to do this, thanks to our exceptional international project experience and our deep technical understanding of the tools needed to implement performance management systems.

Our long term focus on this topic provides us with the clarity of vision needed to develop robust, reliable, costed and deliverable project plans. Few firms know the strategic performance management domain as well as we do.

The biggest challenge in performance management programme design is coming up with affordable projects that can be completed quickly. For one or two units, this is normally no problem - but when you are trying to align and select strategic performance measures for tens of units, the scheduling and resource challenges become significant. Not only have we designed and delivered such complex programmes, we’ve written research papers about how we did it.

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A sophisticated programme design is no good if you cannot be sure the programme will be delivered on-time and on-budget. 2GC has been delivering complex performance management implementation programmes for its clients for over 16 years. We have the project management skills matched to world-class performance management experience and understanding you need to make sure your performance management initiative is successfully completed.

Beyond its experience and understanding, 2GC also has highly qualified staff and has achieved ISO9001 for its provision of performance management services and solutions.

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Although we are experts in our field, we firmly believe that no one knows your business as well as you do. The right solution - in performance management particularly - is the one that has secures the support and confidence of your key staff. The best way to get managers and staff within the organisation to engage with a solution is to involve them in its design. The challenge is how to do it in a way that is time and resource efficient, and remains focused on achieving the overall aims of the programme.

2GC has been at the forefront of the development of new and innovative methods for the design of performance management tools - ones that focus upon engaging with the organisation, and are based on consensus and shared information.

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Explanatory image within Facilitation section

Through our facilitation services we can deploy these tools to help a your organisation build a common view, agree to a shared agenda, or find new ways to tackle an issue.

Look at our Tools section to find out more about the facilitation methods we can deploy for you.

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2GC has been delivering in-house training as part of its overall project delivery work since it started back in 1999, and delivering training through public programmes for almost as long.

Our training and certification services cover the broad range of strategy and performance management topics; they are designed to ensure that your managers are fully equipped to design, support, and use the performance management and strategy implementation tools used within your organisation.

Provision of training for capability development and knowledge transfer purposes is a common element across most of the projects we do.

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