2GC Balanced Scorecard Usage Survey 2018

This years Balanced Scorecard survey is now open.

This years survey is now open - take it now and give us your views on all things Balanced Scorecard! All participants who choose to give us their email address will receive the full results in advance of the public summary of findings (January 2019) and will go forward to the draw to win one of two $100 Amazon vouchers. Alternatively if you don’t wish to give us your email address the survey can be completed anonymously. The survey will be open until 30th November.

If you’re here to see results from previous years you’ll find these below, to give you a quick taster these were the key messages from 2017:

  • Third Generation designs are now the most widely used worldwide,
  • The more complete a Balanced Scorecard’s design, the more the tool is valued,
  • Everyone wants to improve their Balanced Scorecard next year, but there are some real regional differences about what they were planning to improve.

Prize Draw Result

Last year we had three winners of $100 Amazon vouchers, Daniel Rodriguez Miguel of Champ Cargosystems, Pearl Dsouza of Mindspace and Bonnie Myers of San Isabel Electric Association - congratulations!

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The Balanced Scorecard is one of the world’s top-ten management frameworks and has been the number one framework for Performance Management since its introduction in the early 1990’s. But despite this popularity, little is known about which organisations use Balanced Scorecard, what they use it for, and how useful it is in practice. The better we understand what people use Balanced Scorecard for, the better we can make the tool itself, and the methods we use to create and maintain them.

The best place to start is in our collection of FAQs, Papers, Presentations, Case Studies in the Resource Centre. To dig deeper, we recommend that you attend a training course. 2GC runs one-day and two-day training courses on Balanced Scorecard design and implementation throughout the year.

Alternatively, feel free to ask us a question. If you do, we will send you an answer for free when we have some spare time. To ask a question get in touch via the contact page. N.B. No coursework questions please…

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