Our training is delivered by expert consultants and covers the full range of strategy needs from customised strategy implementation courses to introductory balanced scorecard.

2GC shares its knowledge and experiences through training. Many of our new clients test the water first through one of 2GC’s intensive training modules to become familiar with our concepts and methods - and the implications for them.

Existing clients who envisage a large rollout programme need internal project leaders fully versed in delivering our leading edge processes. We can help. Tailored training programmes and trainer accreditation schemes are also part of the 2GC commitment to furthering organisational performance. Beware imitations! Only 2GC makes delegates fully aware of the processes that are actually deployed in real, day to day consulting processes. For example: the processes we use to design a Balanced Scorecard in the course are the same as those used in real life. We don’t use short-cuts. You get coaching tips from highly experienced consultants. Like our consulting workshops, 2GC training sessions won’t waste your time. They will get you immersed in the world of Balanced Scorecard - fast. The methods we use are leading edge. We have a keen knowledge of and interest in new methods: we’re forward thinking, but we recognise the value of tried and tested approaches.

Our courses in more detail