Performance Management Solutions

Practical performance management consultancy - what to measure, how and when.

The gap between the theories that underpin modern Performance Management and the steps needed to implement them is often huge. 2GC understands the problem. We have developed robust, reliable and efficient tools to help organisations close the gap.

Performance Management is a key element of the management toolkit for modern organisations. Investing time and resource to be sure that your organisation’s Performance Management systems are working efficiently and effectively is a prudent and worthwhile course to follow.

Key to fixing Performance Management system issues is to focus on the idea of ‘relevance’. What needs to be done to make the Performance Management system ‘relevant’ to the managers who will use it? Although the answer to this question is different in each organisation, there are some common factors that can be considered to help identify a better solution. 2GC combines an expert understanding of these factors with its extensive experience of working with organisations to address Performance Management issues. The methods and approaches we use are as varied as the issues we need to deal with, but you can be sure that our work draws upon our world-class combination of technical knowledge and practical experience.

KPI and Measure Selection

We can help define measures and targets for your existing Performance Management system - whether we have been involved in the initial design or not. We can also review the measures you have already chosen - offering advice on how to improve the measure definitions. We can also look to see if there is scope to rationalise or simplify the measures and reporting methods employed. A fresh pair of eyes is invaluable; our experience of helping client teams define and record measures, metrics, KPIs and targets for all objectives means we are well placed to assist. Our support will also help your team get new performance measures up and running more quickly too. Many organisations find the choice and definition of strategic performance management measures is particularly hard: this is an area where 2GC is highly capable. 2GC’s strategic design services normally use advanced methods associated with the “3rd Generation” Balanced Scorecard framework for such work; but we can also support strategic performance management systems based on other frameworks (e.g. Results Based Management).


About one-third of organisations want their Performance Management tools to be deployed across more than one function or department, and across several levels of the organisation. For this to be effective, each management team needs Performance Management tools that are relevant to their operational requirements. Leaders need to know that each of the objectives being managed by each team is aligned with those they have set for the organisation as a whole. The design process used needs to be speedy and well co-ordinated. 2GC is a world-leader in the design and implementation of complex Performance Management systems of this type. Hugely experienced, we have techniques to make this process manageable and economical.

Whilst most organisations use simple tools to report performance data (see our Survey Reports for more on this), organisations with large numbers of performance management reports to generate often choose specialist software to automate the collection and reporting processes. We can help you with this automation. There are many automation packages available, not all of which may meet your needs. Through our years of work in this field, 2GC has developed good links with many of the leading vendors of this type of software and can help you select the package best suited to your requirements. We can assist with the installation and we can also work with the vendor on the implementation. 2GC itself does not sell software so our advice is entirely unbiased.

Process Integration

Effective Performance Management processes are important, but for them to be effective they need to work in harmony with other vital organisational processes like budgeting, planning, risk management, project management, quality management, change management, goal setting, appraisal. We have worked with major organisations around the world on this kind of process alignment and integration. We can share the same experience and skills with you.