Balanced Scorecard Solutions

Designing and implementing usable Balanced Scorecards for strategy.

We help organisations to design and implement Balanced Scorecard solutions.

Our methods are time-efficient and effective; they balance speed of delivery with the need to build engagement and support. The challenge with Balanced Scorecard is not the concept but the content. Balanced Scorecard is useful only when the measures and targets chosen are appropriate. Working out what these are is not easy: the key to getting it right is choosing the right design method to use. 2GC’s “3rd Generation” Balanced Scorecard design method evolved from advanced Balanced Scorecard design work in the late 1990s, and since gone through continual refinement, and now represents the state-of-the-art in modern Balanced Scorecard design. It has been applied in organisations from commercial, governmental, non-profit, NGO sectors, and from very small through to large multi-national organisation types, and is at the heart of the Balanced Scorecard Solutions offered by 2GC.


Most organisations already have one or more Balanced Scorecards, but many of these are not effective.  An Audit can provide a quick and economical evaluation of your existing Balanced Scorecard implementation.  Our Audit report will give you a clear view of the most useful and cost-effective development path for the Balanced Scorecard.  Many can be made more useful and effective with relatively minor changes - but if the best thing to do is simply abandon the current design we have the integrity to say so.


2GC is expert at designing Balanced Scorecards.  We have proven and robust design approaches for all four of the standard applications of Balanced Scorecard.  We are happy to work on projects of all sizes and complexity - from simple Balanced Scorecards for small firms or departments within organisations, through to complex multi-national multi-divisional 'cascades' of Balanced Scorecards.  Our exceptional breadth of experience and deep expertise of the subject allow us to develop and deliver specific project designs to suit the most complex or demanding requirements.


2GC has been delivering Balanced Scorecard training programmes since it was founded.  Our courses are all delivered by practising expert consultants, and embody a valuable combination of practical experience and leading edge thinking.  We offer a range of courses, from short awareness building sessions through to a complete multi-day certified programme; we can build a package of training activities to cover the whole range of an organisations Balanced Scorecard learning needs.

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