Balanced Scorecard Solutions

Designing and implementing usable Balanced Scorecards for strategy.

We help organisations to design and implement Balanced Scorecard solutions.

Our methods are time-efficient and effective; they balance speed of delivery with the need to build engagement and support. The challenge with Balanced Scorecard is not the concept but the content. Balanced Scorecard is useful only when the measures and targets chosen are appropriate. Working out what these are is not easy: the key to getting it right is choosing the right design method to use. 2GC’s “3rd Generation” Balanced Scorecard design method evolved from advanced Balanced Scorecard design work in the late 1990s, and since gone through continual refinement, and now represents the state-of-the-art in modern Balanced Scorecard design. It has been applied in organisations from commercial, governmental, non-profit, NGO sectors, and from very small through to large multi-national organisation types, and is at the heart of the Balanced Scorecard Solutions offered by 2GC.

Balanced Scorecard Options

FastTrack Design

FastTrack combines ESM+Strategy software with active expert support from 2GC to provide a complete Balanced Scorecard based Strategy Implementation programme.

  • Free to start - assess the approach with no commitment
  • Add active support and software features as your needs grow
  • Cost-effective pricing options
  • Rapid implementation - build a complete solution in eight weeks!
  • The best value solution for a single Balanced Scorecard

Follow the link to learn more about the FastTrack approach to Strategy Implementation

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A quick and economical evaluation of an existing Balanced Scorecard implementation.

  • Remote or On-site options
  • Compares Design and Content against best practices
  • All KPIs / Measures Reviewed
  • Assesses Balanced Scorecard impact within your organisation
  • Recommends repairs / enhancements if needed
  • Audit Report and Presentation
  • Option: Audit Reporting / Review methods
  • Option: Audit organisational alignment
  • Option: Audit multiple Balanced Scorecards
  • Option: Audit alignment with other processes (e.g. FP&A)

2GC Balanced Scorecard Audits - great value from $4999.

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2GC has been delivering Balanced Scorecard training programmes since it was founded. Our courses are all delivered by practising expert consultants, and embody a valuable combination of practical experience and leading edge thinking. We offer a range of courses, from short awareness building sessions through to a complete multi-day certified programme; we can build a package of training activities to cover the whole range of an organisations Balanced Scorecard learning needs.

The benefits of a scorecard cannot be underestimated in the ability to gather together the complex strands and requirements of our organisation and provide a single, disciplined framework for assessment, considered decision and above all measurable action based on what we know we need to achieve as a business.

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