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Practical training using Balanced Scorecard as a strategy implementation framework

Course description

Strategy Implementation Using Balanced Scorecards is a two-day training course which provides in-depth coverage of the Balanced Scorecard framework, combined with hands-on practical exposure to the design and development methods 2GC uses in its own work. Our ever popular course introduces the concepts of Balanced Scorecard and gives you the tools to implement them in your organisation.

An in-depth course on implementing Balanced Scorecards

It is our firm belief that Balanced Scorecard cannot be taught by traditional lecturing alone - one has to ‘actively’ learn. Accordingly, we have a course that teaches the theory and then delegates collaborate to design and build a Balanced Scorecard in the context of a small and uncomplicated organisation - not achievable with an online course! The design exercises run over the two days of the course, and delegates report that these are by far the most useful and revelatory material on the course.

What you will learn

  • The evolution of Balanced Scorecard
  • Building consensus on strategy
  • Setting medium term objectives
  • Measures, targets and identifying initiatives
  • Making the project happen
  • Implementation issues and how to handle them
  • Four practical exercises on implementing a Balanced Scorecard within an organisation
  • Cascading Balanced Scorecards through the organisation

The standard public course is delivered so that we alternate coverage of theory with a follow-on session on practical implementation. Each conceptual session is about 40 minutes, and then this is deployed in the case scenario over about 90 minutes. In this way the two days of the course progress in a lively and active manner. Delegates report that the two days are hard work, but very rewarding!

Who should be on this course

This course is designed for anyone responsible for implementing strategy and/or improving organisational performance. Previous attendees have included:

  • Chief Executives/Managing Directors
  • Finance Directors
  • Policy Advisors/Business Analysts
  • Strategic Planners
  • Business Unit and Divisional Directors
  • HR Leaders

Course dates

In the current Covid19 environment we are not running physical courses.

Online courses will be run according to demand, please contact to register your interest and for further information, alternatively please look at our customised courses.

Contact us for pricing information.