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A perfect fit for your specific training needs

Course description

Customised training courses can be delivered ‘in-house’ or in partnership with event and conference management organisations.

Performance Management courses designed to suit your particular needs

2GC offer custom designed courses across a wide range of strategy, strategy implementation, performance management and Balanced Scorecard topics.

Our custom courses draw upon 2GC's standard training module content, adjusted to suit your specific needs.  Customisation takes two forms:

  • Including more specific Case Study material. For example, we have in the past set our case material and exercises in the areas of healthcare, magazine publishing and defence contexts as opposed to the case studies used in our standard courses;
  • Including specific tools and techniques. For example, we can go into more detail on a specific aspect of a standard topic (e.g. the Balanced Scorecard design process) or create additional materials to cover topics unique to the client - such as specific information about how a tool is implemented within their organisation or how to dovetail use of a standard tool with other defined processes.

For more information on pricing and availability of our custom training services, please contact our Training Team.