Links to other strategy and performance management related websites.


The 2GC Weblinks database started out as a 2GC internal tool to help us keep track of other online Performance Management resources.

On this page we present a simplified version of our database available here for you to use. Click on the ‘+’ button next to each entry to see more information about a site. For each of the 98 sites we provide a short description of what is there, a list of major features provided, and a 5-point rating based on our thoughts about the site. Use the search box above the table to filter entries if you are looking for a particular site.

We aim to keep the list up-to-date, growing and improving, and check each entry periodically.

We add new sites as we find them - if you think you have missed one, or have ideas for improvements, or other comments, please get in touch via our contact page. Thanks!