Strategic Alignment Resources

Here we have grouped together our blogs, research, FAQs and case studies on strategic alignment.

Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment refers to cascading a designated strategy through your organisation. It's the process by which the ultimate goals are broken down into individual departmental activities, which allows for a more engaged and accountable workforce. We have extensive experience in this field, having incorporated strategic alignment into many of our client projects.

Please find below our resources on this topic.

FAQ: How can functions benefit from Balanced Scorecard?

Staff functions are often responsible for many of the corporate initiatives selected to deliver strategic objectives; yet they have limited control over the delivery. In this FAQ, 2GC looks at the extent to which 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard can enhance the ability of HR and other staff functions to manage the delivery of key strategic objectives.


FAQ: How do I develop, link and align multiple Balanced Scorecards (cascading)?

This FAQ looks at one of the most challenging issues of Balanced Scorecard implementation: Cascades OR how to develop more than one! The challenge is how to do the design quickly, efficiently, and in a way that ensures all the Balanced Scorecards are ‘aligned’ with each other and with the organisation’s goals.


FAQ: How do I create a strategic Balanced Scorecard?

In developing a Balanced Scorecard the biggest challenge is deciding the most relevant measures to include - particularly for Scorecards to be used for strategic management purposes. In this FAQ, 2GC outlines the eight steps your Strategic Balanced Scorecard design and implementation process should follow, and explores how best to deliver these steps.


FAQ: What is Strategic Control?

Central to much of 2GC’s work is the idea that managers can control how an organisation pursues its strategic goals. This process of articulating and acting upon strategic goals is generally known as “Strategic Control”. Strategic Control theories have had a big influence on how strategic Balanced Scorecards are designed.


FAQ: What is ‘state-of-the-art’ Balanced Scorecard design?

Balanced Scorecard has developed from a tool for organising measures to a strategic management mechanism. It has evolved in terms of design characteristics, processes and usage patterns into what is now referred to as 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard. In this FAQ, we outline the evolution and highlight the characteristics of best practice Balanced Scorecards.