Multi-level strategic alignment within a complex organisation

Using Balanced Scorecards for strategic implementation within a large organisation.

Multi-level strategic alignment within a complex organisation

The implementation of large numbers of Balanced Scorecards as part of a coordinated programme (“cascading”) has been suggested as an efficient method for implementing strategy across an organisation, but case studies of this type of strategic alignment are rare. This original research stems from a 2GC project within a large and complex multi-divisional organisation in the Middle East.

The project was initiated by the organisation’s senior management to facilitate and implement a new strategic plan within the organisation.

This research focuses on the design and execution of the project and follows the activity over a four-year period. The paper reflects upon the effectiveness of the methods used, describes how the methods evolved through experiential learning across the project timeframe and makes observations about how the process might be improved for future work.

The paper was recently published by Emerald Insight Publishing or you can acess it on the Academia website (access requires login).

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