Public Sector Resources

Here we have grouped together our research and case studies relating to the public sector.

Public Sector

Balanced Scorecard was first developed as a tool for commercial organisations, but it quickly became clear that the framework was highly relevant for Public Sector organisations too. However the fundamental differences between private and public sector organisations meant that the methods and designs used for public sector Balanced Scorecards needed to be adjusted to ensure the results obtained were fully effective.

2GC has been at the forefront of work to improve designs for public sector and other non-profit organisations since it was founded in 1999. Our extensive experience of work with public sector, NGO and non-profit organisations has given us the practical opportunities to develop and refine Balanced Scorecard methods specifically relevant to this sector.

The resources listed below give more information about Public Sector, NGO and non-profit application of Balanced Scorecard. We also encourage you to find out more about our consultancy services - by far the best way to apply these ideas to your organisation.

Research Paper: Balanced Scorecard and Results-Based Management: Convergent Performance Management Systems

This paper compares and contrasts two of the most widely adopted Performance Management (PM) frameworks – Balanced Scorecard and Results-Based Management.


Research Paper: Performance Management system design in a devolved organisation

This paper is a case study exploring the design of a new performance management system for the UK Environment Agency (11,000 staff, more than 40 discrete management units).


Research Paper: Improving public sector governance through better strategic management

This paper shows how an improved Balanced Scorecard design has the potential to enhance strategic management and public sector governance.