2GC Presentations

Some of our most popular presentations on the topics of strategy and balanced scorecard.


The principles of Balanced Scorecard are simple, but communicating the practical details can be a challenge.

We hope we have persuaded you of the benefits of Balanced Scorecard. But now you have your colleagues to win over. Our presentations will help.

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Introduction to Strategic Performance Management

A great introductory presentation - covers the basics of Performance Management, Strategic Performance Management, and modern Balanced Scorecard design methods.


Balanced Scorecard Implementation in SMEs

Balanced Scorecard has been widely adopted in Medium and Large organisations since it was introduced in the early 1990s. But is the idea relevant and useful to small business?


Aligning Personal Objectives with Organisational Strategy

Using case study material we illustrate how the implementation of an effective Balanced Scorecard can enable personal objectives to be aligned with organisational strategy.


The Balanced Scorecard & EVA

This presentation pack reflect on how the EVA measures of organisational performance can be used within the Balanced Scorecard approach to strategic management.


Service Level Agreements and the Balanced Scorecard

Introducing a new model for monitoring at Service Level Agreements that builds on some concepts familiar to Balanced Scorecard users.


Why do only one third of UK companies realise strategic success?

A survey of over 200 companies in the Times 1000 revealed that while almost all companies had a ‘strategic vision’, only one in three reported achieving ‘significant strategic success’. For many, the answer lies in the quality of the strategic management processes.


Integrating Risk Management and Performance Management

Executive boards seeking improved corporate governance have implemented new risk management solutions. But is risk management such a new activity?