Performance Management Resources

Here we have grouped together our blogs, research, FAQs and case studies on performance management.

Performance Management

Performance Management is a key element of the management toolkit for modern organisations. Keeping a count of what we have and what we have done has been a feature of our world for thousands of years. The idea of using this information to inform decision making is just as old: however it is still an activity that organisations find difficult to do well.

2GC understands how to make Performance Management a central part of an organisation's decision making processes - and we have developed robust, reliable and efficient tools to help organisations to do this.

The resources listed below give more information about various aspects of modern Performance Management. We also encourage you to find out more about the Performance Management services offered by 2GC.

Presentation : Introduction to Strategic Performance Management

A great introductory presentation - covers the basics of Performance Management, Strategic Performance Management, and modern Balanced Scorecard design methods.


Research Paper : Organisational performance management in a UK insurance firm

This paper explores two issues related to the performance management of individuals: effectiveness and alignment with overall business strategy.


Integrated Performance Management: A guide to strategy implementation

Kurt Verweire and Lutgart van den Berghe

SAGE Publications Ltd - 18 Dec 2004 - 320 pages

2GC Comments: Our recommended text for readers looking to gather a more in-depth understanding of the topics and issues that influence performance management system design and implementation. This book brings together contributions from a number of authors who discuss the subject from a wide range of perspectives, including consideration of financial and control issues, as well as the links between performance management and both strategic planning and human resource management. NB this book does not set out to provide practical guidance for any of these topics, but nonetheless the book provides useful background reading for those who want to understand some of…


FAQ : How do I set targets in Performance Management Systems?

This 2GC FAQ looks at target setting within the context of performance management. Difficulties in setting targets are a common problem encountered during the creation of a performance management system - they are hard to resolve. Without target values the utility of a performance management system is reduced.


Blog Entry : Picking measures for strategy implementation - three simple rules…

Organisations are very good at measuring things: it is hardly surprising since we have had a lot of practice - the earliest records of formalised performance measures date from over 6,500 years ago! Modern organisations are awash with measurement data, yet despite this, in the area of strategy implementation organisations struggle to get the feedback…


FAQ : What is accountability for performance?

Clearly managers who feel accountable for results are more likely to deliver results. It is presumed that building accountability enables better performance; yet accountability remains weak in many organisations - particularly in the public sector. In this FAQ, 2GC outlines four factors that drive strong and productive accountability.


FAQ : Can you link Balanced Scorecard with other management processes?

One of the strengths of Balanced Scorecard is its ability to work in conjunction with existing management processes such as EVA, Activity Based Costing and Budgeting. 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard is typically used as the hub of a strategic management system because it provides an easy-to-use mechanism for the selection and co-ordination of other management tools.


Case Study : Case Study 10: PractiNet

Implementing Balanced Scorecard within a membership-based organisation


Case Study : Case Study 5: IIC

Aligning individual goals with the business strategy in a financial services organisation


Case Study : Case Study 2: Truro

Implementing Balanced Scorecard - lessons and insights from a multi-divisional oil company


Case Study : Case Study 1: Arran Ltd

Implementing Balanced Scorecard - lessons and insights from a UK based financial services firm


Presentation : Integrating Risk Management and Performance Management

Executive boards seeking improved corporate governance have implemented new risk management solutions. But is risk management such a new activity?


Research Paper : The Balanced Scorecard & EVA

This paper reflects on how the EVA measures of organisational performance can be used within the Balanced Scorecard approach to strategic management.


Presentation : Why do only one third of UK companies realise strategic success?

A survey of over 200 companies in the Times 1000 revealed that while almost all companies had a ‘strategic vision’, only one in three reported achieving ‘significant strategic success’. For many, the answer lies in the quality of the strategic management processes.


Research Paper : Evolution of the 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard

This paper describes the changes to the definition of the Balanced Scorecard that have occurred since it became popular as a performance measurement framework during the early 1990s.


Research Paper : Selecting measures of intellectual capital

Intellectual capital measures must have relevance to the organisation to which they relate, such relevance being obtained through linking intellectual capital measures to strategy.


Research Paper : Designing incentive systems: Linking people performance and reward

This working paper looks at how to structure a people performance management (PPM) system and how it can support a strong employee and team performance incentive system.


Presentation : The Balanced Scorecard & EVA

This presentation pack reflect on how the EVA measures of organisational performance can be used within the Balanced Scorecard approach to strategic management.


Balanced Scorecard (Express Exec)

Nils-Goran Olve, Anna Sjostrand

Capstone - 2006-02-24 - 118 pages

2GC Comments: Short and sweet, this short book contains all you really need to know about how to design 1st and 2nd Generation Strategic Balanced Scorecards. Effectively it is a summary of “Performance Drivers” - an earlier excellent book by Nils Göran Olve. It lacks information on more modern Balanced Scorecard designs, and on non-strategic uses of Balanced Scorecard, but nonetheless it remains in our view the best introductory book around by a good margin.


Making Sustainability Work: Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Corporate Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts

Marc J. Epstein, Adriana Rejc Buhovac

Routledge - 2014-01-31 - 324 pages

2GC Comments: An excellent introduction to the concept of sustainability within corporations. Clearly written, it sets out a practical approach for addressing the dimensions of sustainability both at the strategy formation and strategy implementation levels.2GC use the ideas in this book to guide its own work with clients to reflect sustainability concepts in our work.


Blog Entry : Don't just tell me what, tell me why!

Employees who clearly understand how they contribute to the achievement of a strategy are more productive: simply ensuring that they have goals that are aligned with the strategy is not enough. These are the surprising findings of a recently published research paper - ones that highlight the value of the ACME four-step strategy implementation framework


Blog Entry : What is Agile Performance Management?

The last few years have seen an explosion of interest in management circles for the use of word constructs that include ‘agile’. Recently the phrase ‘Agile Performance Management’ has begun to appear around the web. Is ‘Agile Performance Management’ just a buzzword phrase, or is it something more?