2GC Research Databases

For a list of performance management software, recommended websites and booklist for strategy related topics, look no further!

Research Databases

2GC has a well deserved reputation for having an expert understanding of both theory and practice relating to strategy execution, strategic performance management and Balanced Scorecard design and implementation.

Part of our understanding comes from keeping up to speed on the contributions to the field made by others. We realised that accessing, maintaining and keeping track of this information would be helped by storing it properly, and some years ago set about building several databases to cover our key interest areas.

Currently we make information from three of our databases available, covering books on Balanced Scorecard and related topics, performance management software products, and websites relevant to performance management and balanced scorecard topics.

We add new entries as we find them: if you think you have missed something, or have ideas for improvements, or other comments, please get in touch via our contact page. Thanks!

Balanced Scorecard Books

A list of books that cover Balanced Scorecard and near related topics.

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Weblinks Database

The 2GC Weblinks database started out as a 2GC internal tool to help us keep track of other online Performance Management resources.

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Software Database

A list of performance management software that can be used for Balanced Scorecard data collection and reporting.

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