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IIC commissioned 2GC to help it to address two performance management issues:

  • Implement a personal goal setting process.
  • Enhancing the alignment of team and individual goals with the overal aims of IIC.

IIC had grown rapidly over several years, and the tightly knit leadership group was increasingly concerned that the new larger organisation was losing site of the core values and principles that had driven IIC to ever higher levels of success. It was concerned that priorities were drifting as more new people joined, and that the organisation was becoming less effective as result. It wanted to put in place a new system of personal goal setting and rewards that would ensure these issues were ‘nipped in the bud’. Further, it was keen for the system to both economical to deploy and effective in triggering changes in the behaviour of individuals.

2GC addressed these issues successfully by deploying an adapted version of the 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard framework, and engaging an extended period of knowledge and skills transfer to the team who would adminster the system going forward.