Results from the 2GC survey

Balanced Scorecards assist managers in the implementation of strategy.

Balanced Scorecards help managers to implement strategy more effectively

For each of the last seven years 2GC has undertaken an annual survey of Balanced Scorecard Usage, to find out who uses Balanced Scorecards, what they are used for, and if they work. The results of the 2015 Survey are now available! If you have got a Balanced Scorecard and want to see how it compares to others, are thinking about introducing a Balanced Scorecard, or just curious to see what others are doing with the tool, we think you will find the 2015 Survey Report an interesting read.

The full survey findings give you the facts and figures and reveal many more insights about how organisations design, use and report their Balanced Scorecards. You can also download the survey results from previous years - and so spot trends and see how Balanced Scorecard usage is changing over time.

Quotes from survey participants:

Every year we ask our survey participants to comment on their Balanced Scorecard experiences. Here are three of the observations made this year:

“Balanced Scorecard is a useful tool even for micro businesses”

“Very valuable but requires some continuous improvement…”

“{Balanced Scorecard} implementation is ... a tough nut to crack without sound executive commitment and drive”
To give you a flavour of what to expect in the survey report, here are some highlights of the 2015 findings:
Follow the link to download the survey findings and get the full facts and figures, and to gain many more insights into how organisations use their Balanced Scorecards. From the same page you can also download the reports from previous surveys for comparison.

Survey highlights

  • Balanced Scorecards are used mainly by senior managers in larger organisations
  • Most Balanced Scorecards are used to manage the implementation of strategy
  • Nearly two thirds of respondents have multiple Balanced Scorecards
  • The large majority of respondents thought that the Balanced Scorecard in their organisation was either ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ useful.

As with all 2GC web resources, these survey documents are free to download.

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