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Results from the 2GC 2014 Balanced Scorecard Usage Survey, conducted in alliance with Intrafocus, are now in!

Highlights from the 2014 Survey Results

Almost two thirds of respondents (64%) reported that their organisation is using Balanced Scorecard to support strategy implementation activities. More organisations than ever are also using Balanced Scorecard to support operational activities: together these ‘active management’ roles are displacing passive uses such as ‘simple reporting’ and ‘calculating personal incentives’ that were more popular in earlier surveys.

Over 80% of respondents said that their employee actions and behaviours were strongly influenced by the scorecard, although nearly half of those also reported that they faced no consequences for missing targets - which suggests the tool is not working quite as effectively as it could do.

The survey also found that overall satisfaction is high and growing: 73% of respondents reported that their Balanced Scorecard was either ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ useful to their organisation (an increase from 63% in 2013).

Quotes from respondents:

“In its first year it has improved management alignment and focus on key issues”

“Balanced Scorecard drives performance to achieve a shared vision”

“We have only been using it for a little over a year… the value has been increasing as we capture more measures and help departments develop their lead measures… once you have some champions on board it builds its own momentum.”

William Barney, Director at 2GC says

“We are extremely encouraged by both the increased participation and the results, which show that Balanced Scorecard continues to be a valuable and successful ‘active’ management tool. Our own project experience backs up the overwhelmingly positive results: we find that effective use and strong implementation leads to higher employee engagement and improved strategic execution.”

Read the full results here.