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In this time of global crisis we know that most companies are focusing on short term requirements and supporting customers and employees through a difficult time - perfectly understandable, as we are too. 

Hopefully in a few months the worst of the crisis will be over and over the coming weeks it is worth thinking about preparation for that.

  • Do you pick up the strategy where you left off or do something new?

  • Do you need better plans in place for future crises?

  • Could you do better risk assessments

  • Was there a gap in your strategy? 

2GC does have a coronavirus policy in place and we are open for business whenever you're ready. We are working from home offices and all the government guidelines are being followed on hand washing and minimal contact. The large majority of our consultancy and advice can be completed online, through Skype and other mechanisms, and as soon as international travel restrictions are lifted, then we are very happy to travel.

The coming months will be challenging for all of us, stay safe and well. 

March 2020.