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2014 Balanced Scorecard Usage Survey Results

Many thanks to everyone who completed the 2014 Balanced Scorecard Usage Survey. The results show that balanced scorecards are continuing to benefit organisations - with 75% of respondents feeling that the tool was either 'extremely' or 'very' useful in their organisation. We are also seeing a growing trend in linking the balanced scorecard to Quality Management processes, which is borne out by current 2GC projects. 

The 2015 Balanced Scorecard Usage Survey

The 7th annual survey will be launched in the second half of 2015. To be kept informed of the results and launch of the survey please register your details with us.

Past surveys

2013 Results

Thank you to everyone who completed our 2013 survey. The results show that two thirds of participants reported that their Balanced Scorecard implementation was 'very' or 'extremely' useful. More organisations than ever before are successfully using their Balanced Scorecard as a strategic management tool and there is a steady shift towards the use of modern '3rd Generation' designs. 

2012 Results

As last year, the 2012 survey shows that Balanced Scorecard remains an important and effective management tool which is directly influencing managers’ actions and behaviours. There was more personal or individual use of Balanced Scorecards for appraisal and reward purposes, which impacted the overall results. We see that organisations are linking their Balanced Scorecard to planning, budgeting, quality and increasingly risk management - the challenge is to do this seamlessly and without adding unnecessary complexity.

2011 Results

As in 2010, our 2011 survey results show that the primary role of the Balanced scorecard is still strategic management. Interestingly this year we saw that not only do Balanced Scorecards influence actions and behaviours heavily but a 20% increase in their influence on appraisals. In addition, the number of participants who view the Balanced Scorecard as a very or extremely valuable management tool continues to increase reaching nearly 75%.

2010 Results

This survey found that the prime use of Balanced Scorecard remains the management of the implementation of strategy, but with operational management and individual appraisal / incentive payment being important secondary uses. Survey participants reported that Balanced Scorecard is a powerful and effective tool, and that it works primarily by influencing the decisions and behaviours of those who use it.

2009 Results

2GC’s first Balanced Scorecard Usage Survey, published in 2009 based on survey data collected during the last three months of 2008. The survey enquired as to what kinds of Balanced Scorecards are used by organisations, what are they used for, and how successful they are. The findings were mostly reassuring; they revealed, for example, that about 60% of Balanced Scorecard users thought their organisation benefited from their use of the tool (higher than some previous estimates). But there were also major concerns: most Balanced Scorecards in the survey were built using out-of-date methods and concepts; so some organisations are probably missing out on benefits provided by improvements in design thinking introduced over the last five years.

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