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2GC is dedicated to bringing the sharpest focus to its clients’ strategic and operational activity. Whatever the scope of the project, we concentrate their attention upon the key priorities driving next stages of organisational development.

To achieve this we work upon the alignment of strategy, operations, teams and individuals, helping organisations to design and implement tailored performance management systems. 2GCʼs methods are proven and reliable. They enable leaders to control the broad spectrum of strategic and operational issues they face every day.

You are welcome to explore our website. You’ll find out how real organisations of various types and sizes benefit from our out-of-the-box approach, experience, and expertise.

We just finished two days of outstanding meetings - the board is now aligned at all levels

— Chief Executive, Arabtech Jardaneh, Jordan

Issues facing clients

Organisational underachievement is a product of numerous problems. The following client comments illustrate some of the issues they face and which 2GC have helped them resolve.

We believe our strategy is clear; but strategic goals are not being achieved

We cannot predict with confidence if we are likely to achieve our objectives

Our attempts at cross-cutting initiatives either don’t get off the ground or don’t produce the goods

We seem unable to design an incentives policy consistent with achieving our goals

I’m not sure our organisation culture and strategy are aligned with each other

Meetings leave us feeling frustrated at the lack of specific actions agreed

It doesn’t have to be like this. 

Our wide experience and extensive research enable us to address issues exactly like these. We do it for a diverse portfolio of clients with unique profiles and requirements.  

We can do it for you. 

How we help

I noticed far more communication between Directors – 2GC were a catalyst for this

— Director, Defence Storage & Distribution Agency, UK

What organisations aspire to do and what they actually do are often very different. We are extremely good at pinpointing this incongruity and acting on it. 2GC can assist your organisation with:

  • Performance management audit and review
  • Balanced scorecard design and implementation
  • Strategy implementation
  • Organisational development

Our expertise helps clients:

  • Align strategic objectives
  • Generate team-driven consensus and engagement
  • Determine key business goals and activities
  • Create clear, cascaded strategy and activity maps
  • Align multi-functional projects
  • Design efficient performance criteria and controls
  • Define effective implementation programmes
  • Dovetail business processes, controls & reporting systems.

Client results

2GC fully lived up to our expectations

— Project Manger, Defence Logistics Organisation, UK

2GCʼs work for clients in all sectors is well known for its strong and sustainable impact on the organisation.  We enable:

These very tangible organisational improvements often translate into other systems or financial benefits:

  • Improved achievement of business unit/cost centre targets
  • Cost reductions and resource efficiencies
  • Expenditure rescheduling, shelved non-priorities
  • Early warning monitors and controls (revenues, costs, etc.)
  • Risk reduction
  • Process and systems synergies

We consult on your current strategic alignment, operational management, individual or team goal setting and review. But we don’t just consult. We’re hands on.

Many of our clients want to develop or reinforce the capacity of their in-house Performance Management teams. That’s fine. We can work with your organisation to implement new methods or improve existing ones. We can train on-job; but we also train project team members via stand-alone courses open to consultancy clients and organisation-sponsored delegates.

ISO9001 Accredited

The methods we use are leading edge. We have a keen knowledge of and interest in new methods: we’re forward thinking, but we recognise the value of tried and tested approaches. Our consulting processes achieved ISO 9001 accreditation in 2012.

Our approach is succinct and powerful. And we believe in total transparency. Read on. You’ll find out about our working methods - and our dedication to best practices.

2GC brought a pragmatic approach - the process and the people were engaging, and they were good at establishing relationships with the Board

— Managing Director, Environment Agency, UK

Methods & design

He made the methodology appear flexible but didn't compromise its integrity in any way

— Performance Manager, DIUS Student Finance, UK

We articulate organisational vision, create strategy maps, design 3rd generation balanced scorecards, results based systems, and reporting solutions. We integrate Performance Management frameworks with other management processes and tools such as risk management and mitigation, budgeting, planning and quality management.

For conceptual development and strategic appraisals (and during implementation) we employ a broad range of interview, facilitation, reporting and analytical techniques. Core assignment work centres on teamwork phases with client personnel. These phases can include facilitated workshops. These workshops drive client teams towards a deliverable using choreographed and timetabled work plans. We integrate client personnel into our team. This ensures they assimilate new skills and methods to use in their organisation successfully.

We make certain that assignments gain momentum. We use pre-designed, variable templates to capture metrics and objectives consistently. Assignments are supported by practical work, documentation and the use of programmed implementation phases.

Best practice

Your worked lived up to our high expectations in terms of deliverables and process

— Director of Strategy, Zamil Air Conditioning, Saudi Arabia

2GC's recognised best practices are the results of years of empirical observation and academic rigour. We do things our way because they work, as our track record demonstrates.

We dedicate a lot of time to tracking leading edge R&D in the various fields associated with organisational Performance Management. 2GCʼs own research, findings and publications are frequently the subject of presentation at specialist conferences and round table discussions.

Our clients benefit directly.

Since 1999 2GC has evolved and defined ground-breaking, highly effective approaches to Performance Management. We make sure our thinking stays ahead of the curve. We continue to refine our methods ambitiously. We deliver. This reliability combined with immense open resources and dedicated client support services have put us top of the class.

Find out in this section how we employ our thought leadership, resources and training services for the benefit of clients. More about 2GC’s background and experience can be found in the About us and Services sections.

2GC were very pragmatic and straight-forward in their ability to explain the concepts and thought processes behind balanced scorecards and then to distil this methodology into the very real requirements of our business

— Quality Manager, A & O Systems & Services

Thought leadership

In essence a common sense – and enjoyable - approach to a potentially complicated set of needs, including those of our customers, stakeholders and our own internal disciplines, supported by a well tried methodology

— Quality Manager, A & O Systems & Services

2GC has always pushed the limits of insight and practice. That’s why we can provide our many clients with intelligent Performance Management and measurement solutions.

An example: our pioneering development of 3rd generation balanced scorecards. Our clients loved it. This development illustrates our dedication to challenging accepted standards. It enables us to deliver the most effective tools and processes on time and on budget.

We’re very good at generating new intellectual property. We’re also adept at refining and inventing new links between concepts, processes and tools. This culture of innovation benefits our clients in many ways. Our holistic approach to Performance Management means we’re continually advancing by widening our activity, and developing more solutions.

Resource Centre

2GC's depth of knowledge on performance management particularly impressed us

— HR Manager, Nandos Restaurants, UK

2GC is refreshingly open with its resources. You’re welcome to delve into everything from case studies, research papers and presentations to surveys and training brochures. We have FAQs on a huge range of topics. We also have extensive reading lists to give you further peer and academic insights, as well as web links to other organisations in this field (including competitors) and specialist software suppliers. Openness with our resources includes sharing our knowledge and experiences with individuals and organisations through training. Downloads to help you and your colleagues are available by simple click and request.


Strikingly original and excellently delivered

— Manager, Oxfordshire County Council, UK

An organisational Performance Management assignment is not something that should be undertaken lightly. Many of our new client organisations test the water first by experiencing one of 2GCʼs intensive training modules; this familiarises them with our concepts and methods - and the implications for them. Existing clients who envisage a large rollout programme need internal project leaders fully versed in delivering such leading edge processes. We can help. Tailored training programmes and trainer accreditation schemes are also part of the 2GC commitment to furthering organisational performance.